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Frequently Asked Questions

A - First you will need to download the CariCab Driver app from either the Apple app store or Google Play Store.

During the registration process the app will ask you to take pictures of these valid documents: Taxi Medallion, Car Registration, Drivers License,and Drivers Insurance card.

You also need to enter a valid email and mobile phone number.

The app will also ask you to enter the Routing and Account number of either a Banco Popular or First Bank account.

A - We will try to review your application within 24-48 hrs. Once accepted you will be able to login using the Email and password you typed in during the registration process.

A - All fares will be forwarded to your bank account at the end of each day(24 hr time period).

A - First thing to try is force quitting the app.
To do this on an apple iOS device double click the home button, slide left or right to find the app, then swipe the app upwards and off the screen to force quit the app. Now try relaunching the app and see if this fixes the problem.

To force quit on an android device, open the phone settings screen. Scroll down and tap “Apps”. It's in the Device section of the menu. Scroll down to find CariCab Driver and tap it. Tap Stop or Force Stop. Then tap ok top confirm. Now try relaunching the app and see if this fixed the issues.

If the app still feels as if it is not working correctly, try signing out and then sign back in using your username and password. If you are still experiencing issues please email us at and we will promptly respond to you with a solution.

A - Make sure you are on The “Driver Home Screen”. In the upper right hand corner there is a credit card symbol, press this symbol to be taken to the credit card payment screen. Once there enter the card number, expiration date, security code, and the name of the card holder. Hit “Pay Now”, enter the amount of the fare then hit “Pay”. Once the app says “Transaction Created Successfully” the payment has gone through and will show up in your account shortly. Now hit the “Go Back” button to return to the Driver Home Screen.

A - If this occurs then simply take cash for the fare or use the Credit Card payment function by tapping the credit card symbol in the upper right hand corner of the Driver Home Screen. Tapping this will allow you to take a credit card payment for the amount of the fare using the Passengers credit card.

A - We at CariCab believe that our drivers hard work is what makes us special and for that, we would like to reawrd our drivers with a NO FEE platform. We try our hardest to make it so our platform charges NO fees! That's right we don't take anything from your fare. On top of this we also try our hardest to make sure there are NO CREDIT CARD FEES associated with any credit card transaction you make on the app! FREE FREE FREE :-)

A - You will be able to use the CariCab app to take all major credit cards. The only card you will not be able to take will be debit cards. If you try to take a debit card you will get a error message letting you know debit cards can't be used with the app and it will ask you to try again with a credit card.